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A Trip to Ishval
A trip to Ishval. Or rather the ruins of it. I didn't need this. Not right now. My heart and mind is in a very sensitive state right now. I don't need to be in a place where thousands of people died so brutally.
Hayden was with us. Us being me, Ed, Al, Elexa, and Ethsa.  I had her to talk to.  To record what I saw and felt without her freaking out like Ed. Ransom were with us. We needed some way to get over there. Ed and Al had their own rides and Ethsa was walking besides us.  Elexa was sitting behind me on Corona's rump. We had plenty of water so we had no problem crossing the land.
Right ahead of me was Hayden on Ransom and Ethsa walking besides her. Ahead of them was Al awkwardly riding a stranger horse. And ahead of him, way ahead of him was Ed leading the way on another stranger horse.
He looked back at me from his spot in the line.
"You alright back there, Raven?" he shouted back at me. He caught me by surprise considering everybody had been silent
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The Element Alchemist-Chp 4
I finally felt completely “normal” and turned back to my books.  Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Edward look around, confused.
“Raven,” he said.  I turned to look at him.  “Where’s Al?”
“Who?” I asked.  There was one person that came in with Ed but our clinic’s rules, people must describe the person first.  “Describe please.”
“Okay,” he said blinking.  He looked confused.  I’ll explain later.  “Um, he’s about seven feet tall, suit of armor….”
“Oh!  You mean that dude that’s there but not really!  Yeah, he’s in the other room.  I’ll go get him.”
I got up, and Ed smiled.  I knew what he was about, so that’s probably why.  I smiled back at him and I saw him blush.  I walked into the other room to get this “Al” per
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The Element alchemist-Chp. 3
When I saw him stirring, I thought that he might be waking up.  I wanted to see if the whole “eye-bondy-thingy” was real, so I turned to face my books.  At this time, I had my alchemy book open.  Even though I wanted to study more, I kept glancing out the corner of my eye to see when he would wake up.  To be honest, I was nervous.  I wish he would just wake up already!
Finally, out of the corner of my eye, I saw him open his eyes a bit.  He groaned in pain.  Out of the opening between his eyelids, I saw that his eyes were gold.  At least one shade thicker than mine, or even to exact same color.
He closed his eyes and then opened them once more all the way.  He looked around and my heart started going crazy.  It was then that I heard his voice for the first time.
“Where am I?” he said.  “What happened?”  His voice…damn spell! &
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The Element Alchemist-Chp. 2
Just the thing that I didn’t want to happen!  I found the answer in the thickest and oldest book I had.  And boy was the answer a doozy.
I rested my face in my hands and thought about the answer over and over again.
“It is possible to have a human familiar but if you already have one, it’s not possible to have another.  If the bond you have with the human is stronger than you and your familiar, there’s something there.  This kind of thing usually happens with people of the opposite gender.  The bond is completed when both humans look each other in the eyes.  Until then, they feel drawn to each other.  This is usually common with humans during their teenage years….”
Dammit! It’s a freaking “love-at-first-sight” thing!  I don’t believe in that crap!  Damn!
I read and re-read that stupid paragraph to try and find at least one loop-hole…I
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The Element Alchemist-chp. 1
I was shocked to see a boy about my age come in with a wound that serious.  I ran to my parents to ask what happened but they didn’t answer.  All they said was that since I was closest to his age that I was in charge to tell them when and how he woke up.  I agreed.
I sat in the desk that I sat in when I was working on Elexa.  Every now and then I would sneak a look at him.  He would stay unconscious but every now and again, he would wince in pain but stay asleep.
He had blond hair and looked pretty young because he was pretty short.  Heh, like I should talk.  I’m pretty short myself.
I continued studying through the night.  Elexa stayed at the foot of the boy’s bed keeping his feet warm.  For some reason, both Elexa and I felt this urge to make sure he’s okay.  It’s like the urge that I had with Elexa, only stronger.
Elexa is my familiar.  She knew th
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The Element Alchemist-Intro
My life is pretty “normal”. I live with my parents who are well known and pure blood alchemists.  But instead of continuing to work in the military, they opened a clinic in our town Skelton next to an auto-mail shop.
I, myself, am an alchemist.  I’m known as the Element Alchemist because I’m known to use different elements.  I also dabble with witchcraft.  I’m one of the youngest people to join the military but I barely get called in. That’s why I stay with my parents.
I am Raven Grace. Daughter of James and Estha Grace.  My hair is pitch black with red highlights that only show in the Sun.  My eyes are a light gold.  I wear an amulet that changes to the color of the day at midnight.  Today’s color: Gold.  The necklace has always been that way even before I started studying witchcraft.  My two other sisters gave it to me when I was very young.
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Life as a Shadow Ch. 2
What’s wrong, Tobi?” I asked interrupting my thoughts.  “Is there something there?”
I turned around to see what he was looking at and found myself face-to-face with something.
His face was bi-colored: black and white.  He also had what looked like a Venus-flytrap around his head.  He was wearing the Akatsuki cloak so I thought he might be a friend of Tobi’s.  Whatever he was, he caught me by surprise.
“What do you think you’re doing?” the man in front of me asked Tobi.  He then turned his attention to me.  “What do you think you’re doing here?”
“Well, I-"  I started but was cut off but Tobi, pleading my case.
“She saved Tobi from a tree demon!” he yelled.  “Please don’t hurt her Zetsu-san!”
“Did you tell her a lot about us?” the man-Zetsu- asked Tobi again.
“No!  Tobi barely said anything!”
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Life as a Shadow Ch. 1
As I stand up on this branch, I scan the area trying to see who and what made those sounds.  I start to sense a strong demonic presence and a human presence.  Finally, I see.
This was a strange sight indeed.  I saw a human dressed in a black cloak with what seems to be red clouds on it.  Obviously, it’s the uniform of the Akatsuki.   But that’s all I know about them.  The human was also wearing an orange mask over his face with one eye hole which was on the right side.  He seems to be running as fast as he can from something.  Finally, I see what he’s running from: a giant tree demon.  Poor sap must have leaned against it or kicked it.  I started laughing in my mind trying to picture that.
While I was the tree demon took a swing at the human.  That’s when I went into action.  I didn’t know much about tree demons, but I did know that if yo
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Life As a Shadow Intro
I’m AneiKijo of the village hidden in Shadows.  Country, classified.  Every villager has both light and dark demon descendents.  That’s why we’re called the Shadows: where both light and dark meet.
As I sit up in this tree, I play with the shadow ball I created seeing how many shapes I can make.  I’m very special in my village.  Not many villagers are born with my talent.  I don’t need to carry a weapon; I can make my own right on the spot.  Heck, sometimes I don’t even need to use weapons.  I can just use my shadow magic to kill (or hurt) my enemy.  I can even curse, possess, or control anybody with a simple chant.  I can also teleport from place to place either using dark or light magic (depends on where I am).  I also can make a pair of shadow wings (shaped like demons but feathered like angels) to fly.
When I was a child, I was picked on. 
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Tobi and GIR's Christmas
It was Christmas Eve and GIR was just randomly running around the Christmas tree in the Akatsuki base chanting something about presents and cookies and everything else Christmas related.  Zim was banging his head against the wall because of some reason we may never know (probably about GIR’s stupidity).
You see, Zim and GIR had met the Akatsuki and Zim took a liking to them and “evil” ways.  Even though he couldn’t become a member, he was determined to stay involved.  He never thought that would mean meeting the most hyper and annoying member: Tobi.
Just as Zim was reaching what seems to be his 1,000th whack on the wall, Tobi and Deidara were walking into the main room talking (or in Deidara’s case, arguing) about the presents they were giving each other, well, Tobi was giving Deidara something, Deidara was giving Tobi squat.
“But Sempai,” Tobi complained.  “Tobi wants to see what Sempai got.”
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Jewelry by Lunarieen UK by LUNARIEEN Jewelry by Lunarieen UK :iconlunarieen:LUNARIEEN 575 15 Raven Teen Titan by sakimichan Raven Teen Titan :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 34,229 1,095 The Cycle by moni158 The Cycle :iconmoni158:moni158 9,670 222 Velvet worm says..... Give me a hug! by melvynyeo Velvet worm says..... Give me a hug! :iconmelvynyeo:melvynyeo 4,312 699 Princess Luna Ball Gown by Firefly-Path Princess Luna Ball Gown :iconfirefly-path:Firefly-Path 7,535 370 Field of Innocence by Phatpuppyart-Studios Field of Innocence :iconphatpuppyart-studios:Phatpuppyart-Studios 840 43
Life Without Death. (Poem)
Life without death is a curse,  
Death without a life is a crime.
Either one quick song or a never ending verse.  
Luna, the princess of the night,
Will forever live on past each life,
To rule over darkness but never see the light.
Then there's the ruler of the day,
The all mighty Celestia, to which we pray.
The only one who has seen both the black and the white, but never the grey.
We can never understand their pain,
or do what would be right.
For every life they rule, will one day die in vain.
They've lived this long,
neither to die.
They put on a straight face in our presence to make us feel strong.
But we'll never understand the inevitable lie.
for when they return home to the castle,
They have nothing to do but cry.
Cry for the ones who faced their ends.
Weep for the ones who can't be saved.
Sob for the lives who claimed their mark as friends.
Life without death is a curse,  
Death without a life is a crime.
Immortality is a hex that just can't be worse.
- Jesse Knoblach
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Suicune Raikou Entei - Wallpaper by JoJoesArt Suicune Raikou Entei - Wallpaper :iconjojoesart:JoJoesArt 9,175 437 Jack Frost by sakimichan Jack Frost :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 63,014 3,473 Dressup Avengers by Arlequinne by ElinTan Dressup Avengers by Arlequinne :iconelintan:ElinTan 3,437 645 Oppa Creed Style! by LaceWingedSaby Oppa Creed Style! :iconlacewingedsaby:LaceWingedSaby 1,585 430 Okami - Sun Within.... by Grypwolf Okami - Sun Within.... :icongrypwolf:Grypwolf 8,637 443 The Eternal Yin Yang of Order and Chaos by ZodyZappa The Eternal Yin Yang of Order and Chaos :iconzodyzappa:ZodyZappa 3 0 earthbound by LostOneself earthbound :iconlostoneself:LostOneself 1,757 105 custom order Kirin by creaturesfromel custom order Kirin :iconcreaturesfromel:creaturesfromel 15,759 667

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